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i know that i say this all the time, but… i really really love all my clients.  and i really really really love dave and danielle.  basically, this was like 5 hours of hanging out with my awesome new friends, singing neil young and bob dylan, trying to not run over any tourists, and eating.  oh, and taking photos.  speaking of which…

here’s danielle (she used to be the star of her highschool’s football team… look at that arm!) and dave and their dog, pepsi.

i don’t often get out into the… well, you can’t even really call this the country… but… it’s not downtown.  and i don’t often get out of downtown.  so yeah, it was neat to see… you know… trees and stuff…

you might be wondering if these next couple shots were as dreamy and romantic in real life as they look in the photos… yes.  yes they were.  (just don’t ask dave about that one).

i really appreciate my clients doing these shoots in the last few hours of the day… this is why i like to shoot using the last 2-3 hours of daylight… the next 3 shots are basically straight out of the camera — no lighting adjustments were made, whatsoever.

i had never realized that street lamps have kinda’ a neat look…

the next two are also straight out of the camera.  the sunset was just ridiculous.  (notice how i’m not even commenting on danielle’s awesome dance moves…)


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    • Joanna (bridesmaid)
    • Posted August 9, 2008 at 9:23 am
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    WOW these are so amazing!! I’m absolutely in love with them all! Wonderful job Kristel!!

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