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so, i wasn’t able to make it to the u.s. entry for the international fireworks competition last weekend (which wasn’t too disappointing, because i was shooting hari and sowmya, which was way better!) anyways, i did make it out for china’s show, and let me tell you… they know fireworks. and they know people. and they know that people love BIG fireworks, so they basically just went straight to the finale. you know, usually, they start off small and work their way up to the really exciting part… not for china’s show. it was amazing. seriously, i knew the canadian entry was… how do i put this nicely… oh, i know — awful. (i love canada, but seriously, “godzilla” and “civil unrest” are not appropriate themes for fireworks.) so, i knew canada’s were lame, but after seeing china’s… well, they’ve gotta win.

the weird thing, though, is that there were so few people there. my friend and i arrived at 9:40 (only 20 minutes before the show started), and we sat at the very front, on the edge of the seawall. normally, the beaches are packed by 8pm for sure. and i’ve heard of people going in the early afternoon to save spots. so it was really strange.

anyways, here are the photos…

the crowd heading to english bay..

i’ll never get over the fact that i live in a city where the beaches are right downtown…

clearly the focus is off, but i really like it…

oh, and if you’re ever planning a wedding on one of these boats on a firework night… umm… call me.

and if you know this guy, please tell him to not be creepy and grab girls he’s never met when they’re innocently taking photos with their friends. and if you’re the other guy that did the same thing but wasn’t capture in an image… same message goes to you. that is all.


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  1. Here is my comment Kristel! 🙂
    Girl, you got some talent…. And I love how you take your camera with you *everywhere*. Like, I think that is the mark of a person who really loves what she does! Now, if I could only take animals with me everywhere….

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