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i currently have several people that are still waiting to officially book with me, so i wanted to make a few of my standard policies known.

1. my website rates are subject to change at any time, without notice. so if you are thinking of arranging a consultation with me, sooner is better than later. :o)

2. after you receive a copy of my rates (in person or through email), those rates are valid for 30 days. if, after those 30 days, you decide to have me photograph your wedding, the rates you have been quoted may or may not still be valid.

3. a date will not be reserved until i receive both a contract and a deposit for the date.

i was thinking of all this stuff because i am currently re-working my packages. there will be a slight rate increase, and i wanted to give everyone fair warning. :o)

ok, glad that’s out of the way, now we can get back to the fun stuff!!

ps. oh, and for those who are currently waiting to book me and have already talked with me, i will give you until 30 days from today to book at the previously quoted rates, just to be fair.


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