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amber is the loveliest, classiest person i’ve ever met, hands down. i had one of the most enjoyable sessions ever with her, and then we went to one of her favourite restaurants which was absolutely wonderful, and i am still thinking of those delicious sopapillos! amber was such a natural model… you’ll notice that there are a ton (tonne?) of photos here… i seriously just could not choose.

i know these next two are basically identical… but again, i just couldn’t choose!

immediately after taking that last shot, it started to rain. and not “drip, drip rain” but… “rrraaaaiiiinnnn rain.” we ran for cover, as did everyone else. i didn’t really understand why (i mean, we’ll have to walk in it eventually), but amber said it only lasts for a few minutes… and she was right. however, when leaving our cover, we had to go through a huge puddle that came up past our ankles (it was completely unavoidable). i couldn’t believe that much rain had come down in such a short period of time… but as you can see… it did…

i’m pretty sure this one’s my favourite.

and one last shot from the washroom… that’s right… the washroom.

amber, i hope you love these as much as i do, and i can’t wait to see your wedding photos — keep in touch!!


ps — a huuuggggee thanks goes to amber’s friend holly, who scouted locations, did amber’s hair/makeup, carried equipment and a bunch of our random possessions, kept us from getting lost, and basically made sure amber looked perfect throughout. seriously, such a good friend!



  1. I absolutely love this bridal session. It is definitly in my top 10 favorites all over the web. Really!!!!

  2. These are so beautiful!!!

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