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last night, after my friend kelly and i had shot a super-duper fun wedding in san antonio texas (more on that later), we went back to the hotel. we both set our alarms for 5am, since my flight was leaving at 7:40am. we were up talking until probably 2-3am, so when i woke up and felt somewhat rested, i had a bad feeling. i looked at the time… 6:43am. ahhh! we grabbed my stuff and raced to the airport… it was 7:20 by the time we even pulled into the airport… but somehow… i made the flight.

upon my arrival home, i took a 5 hour nap, and am now ready to get to work at editing the photos from yesterday’s wonderful wedding.

but first, here are some shots from day one in san antonio with chasity. san antonio is a really cute little city with lots of bright colours and mariachis and the best mexican food i’ve ever eaten. oh, and 4 avocados for $1.00!!!

here’s me and chasity in a public market:

we couldn’t decide between be mariachi hats or the cowboy hats…

so many beautiful hand-made crafts here:

and seemingly random crafts:

the best part of the day for a northerner like me (the fans)…

beautiful chasity:

wow, am i ever pasty:

ok, more on this soon…


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  1. Hey, you got to the airport in time, so quit your whining!

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