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john and helenka’s wedding was completely different from any wedding i’ve ever been to. i was second shooting for jackie donnelly, and so i really had no idea what to expect, having never spoken with the couple before. when i found out it was at their home, i was very excited, because there’s something so intimate about that. everything was so personal, and i got the sense that every guest had involvement in planning the wedding. john and helenka are so laid back, and i love that for them, the day was just about getting all their closest friends and relatives together, and enjoying their company.

ok, photo time.

waiting for everyone to get ready…

oh yeah, it was super hot and humid… hailey definitely had the right idea…

a few of my favourite detail shots ever…

the big moment…

the vip ceremony. i counted — there are 27 people in total, including the wedding party.

john and helenka are so sweet together, and from little things throughout the day, i could tell they are wonderful, helpful people, that are so welcoming and loving. at one point in the day, i was instructed to take lots of extra shots of helenka, because “she’s the best thing that ever happened to our family.”

this little girl just cracked me up when jackie asked her to smile for the family photo.

the cake-cutting…

the emotional speeches had me pretty teared up too…

and remember how i said i’ve never been to a wedding like this? well, cut to about ten minutes later, and here’s the beautiful helenka…

it was a really beautiful experience, and i am so fortunate to have shared in such an intimate day.

luck and love to john and helenka…



and obviously, i couldn’t *not* take photos of some of their 14 or so horses.


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