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i just had the nicest experience.

i had lunch with christine in houston around noon, and then had a busy day and didn’t get to eat dinner until almost midnight. i thought the taco cabana was super close, and open 24 hours, so i decided to head over. well, apparently it’s way further than i thought — i was walking for at least 30 minutes on the access road to the interstate, so i was pretty unhappy. well, finally, i saw the glowing sign, and had visions of sitting there and having a margarita (yes, you can order margaritas in a chain fast food place), and that that would make it all worthwhile. well, i walked up, and the place was CLOSED. closed, after all that! so i turned around to walk back to my hotel, when it occurred to me… drive through! well, of course it didn’t work because i was walking. so up came a vehicle and i motioned for her to pass by, and while they had her waiting, we started talking and she offered to order my food for me. so i placed my order, and went to give her my money and said i’d meet her on the other side, but she offered to give me a ride. normally i wouldn’t accept this, but she was so kind, and the odds of her being a serial killer were just so slim, that i accepted. turns out, mary’s a budding photographer! so she brought me back and i asked her to wait while i ran upstairs to get a business card, and when i returned, i had my camera. i took a beautiful photo of mary and her bright shiny eyes and huge smile, and ran upstairs to upload it… only to realize there was no memory card in my camera. (uhh… i swear i’m a professional!) so disappointing. mary, email me a picture of you to include here!

we don’t often get to trust people, but it’s so encouraging when you meet a really kind, good person. mary, you totally made my day! thank you!


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