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i am currently in the air, somewhere between dallas and san antonio. it’s 8:14am, and i am now entering my third day without sleep. ugh. so looking forward to getting to my hotel tonight!

my flight out of seattle was delayed by a few hours, which was frustrating last night, but pretty incredible when i watched the sun rise. i didn’t want to disturb the passenger next to me by getting my camera out of the overhead bin, but it basically looked like this:

… but without the lion and the ghost and the text.

i’m pretty frustrated by american airlines. i asked for apple juice, and they proceeded to give me two little containers (think of the applesauce containers you’d bring to school as a kid) of juice, PLUS a plastic cup. how excessive is that waste?! so, when the flight attendant came to take my “trash,” i asked her if they recycled them. apparently not. she said she’s mad about it too, that they used to, but weren’t able to get that volume of recycling dealt with. now, i don’t know a thing about waste and recycling management, but how is that even possible?! i can’t imagine how much waste this airline produces. the sad thing is, they’re likely just like the other airlines. i’m going to look into this. oh, and so i told her i’d just keep my 3 plastic packages, but she said that there isn’t any recycling at the san antonio airport. :o(

ps. so far, terribly disappointed by the cowboy hat situation. still no cowboy hat sightings. will keep you posted.


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