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so, i’m going to san antonio on sunday and i’m currently packing, dealing with a mountain of emails, and updating the ipod’s music and audiobook selection, and thought, hey, i know, why not see what the temperature is in san antonio… big mistake.

do you see that?! it says IT FEELS LIKE 42 DEGREES!! how can people live there, year after year?! i’m really counting on the 31 km/hr winds to make it bearable, but seriously, if they die down… i will die with them.

wish me luck…


i know i’m being a big complainer about this, but seriously, i’m super excited to go. i’m going to meet some photographers i love and admire from afar, check out san antonio AND houston, and photograph a wedding with mariachis!!! oh, and an amazing couple i’m looking forward to meet… they’ll be at the wedding as well as the mariachis, haha. there’ll be a wedding, an engagement session, and hopefully a bridal session to follow, so keep checking up with me (at least to make sure i’m still alive).

also to come after my (hopeful) return from texas: photos from john and helenka’s beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony near eatonville, wa.


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