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the raw food situation is going strong. i absolutely love it and feel great, for so many reasons. i now have a dehydrator and a new food processor, which will make life easier and produce better, more delicious foods. (although, the $250 grocery bill at whole foods was tough to swallow. did you even realize you *could* spend $30 on avocados?!)

i had one cooked meal on wednesday, day 9, just to see how it made me feel, and didn’t get sick, which is good. it tasted really good and everything, but it just felt so heavy… it’s hard to describe. i ate less than half of what i would have eaten in the past and felt completely satisfied. also, i had one third of a coffee drink i used to have occasionally… i don’t actually like coffee, so i used to add vanilla syrup for sweetness and a bit of new flavour… but this time, it tasted sooooo sweet. i had to stop after one third of it because it was giving me a headache. i’m sure our taste buds are completely screwed up from all the chemicals and sugars we overwhelm them with, and i feel great about the entire situation.

here’s the main reason why raw food rocks: guilt-free desserts. here’s a picture of the organic mango-coconut pudding in a nut crust from gorilla food

oh, and just because these ladies were adorable…


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