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the big deal in vancouver is the birth of a baby beluga whale last tuesday, so yesterday, i had to check it out. they have tried to keep the baby somewhat isolated (they removed the other beluga whales from the tank, and just left it with its mother), which is obviously the best for the baby, but not the best for photos. if only i had brought a different lens! oh well, this long distance shot will have to do.

it was soooo adorable and tiny. you can see half of the mother in the upper left corner. the baby was born at just 1.35 metres in length. so cute, eh? i’m looking forward to being able to see it a bit more up-close, at least in the underwater part of the tank, but i’m glad they’re doing the best they can for qila’s new calf (who i don’t think has a name yet).

here’s the video of the birth…

and if you’re as obsessed as i am, you can view qila and her calf on their own reality show here:

the aquarium was packed. i mean PACKED. i’m so glad i have a membership there and get to use an express check-in, otherwise, it looked like it would take about 30 minutes just to get in. plus, walking around the place was incredibly frustrating, so i only spent about 20 minutes there in total. every time i go, i need to take photos of the sea otters…

and the dolphins…


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