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{day four}.

if you are in vancouver, you must go to gorilla food (on richards st) now. well, not now, because it’s 1am, and i’m sure they’re closed. but tomorrow. you must go tomorrow.

i had take-away lunch from there today with one of my friends, and although it was pretty pricey, ($46 for the two of us) it was well worth it. the food was sooo good. and it’s 100% organic, vegan, raw… and all their packaging is completely biodegradable. they’re running a seriously ethical business there, and it’s wonderful to see.

i had a slice of the vital ital pizza — really good, especially considering it’s completely raw and vegan. i also had an order of the thai fresh wraps:

the wraps were amaaazzzing. who knew vegetables were so good!

definitely check out gorilla. they’ve moved a few doors over from where they were before, and instead of just being a take-away hole in the wall place, they’re a real restaurant with tables and stuff. it’s a really cute restaurant and the people there were super friendly and genuine. i love good people, and will be returning soon and often.


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