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i had no idea that fruits and vegetables were so delicious and versatile!

breakfast was a delicious cold cherry soup (just blended cherries with water and cinnamon) with a kiwi:

for lunch, i had more carrots, broccoli, and jicama with the cashew “cheese” and a smoothie — blended bananas, dates, water, and soaked almonds.

i haven’t eaten dinner yet, but i did already make my dessert. that’s right, dessert.

i found the recipe here. i added raw cacao nibs to one of my cookies, and rolled all of them in dehydrated coconut. so. good.

it’s weird, i’m not bothered by the food at all, i actually have eaten really well these three days… but at the same time, i can definitely tell my body is detoxing… i’ve had the worst headache of my life for more than 24 hours. so, i think i might continue with the raw food at least a couple more days, just to get to the point where i am done feeling rotten.

once again, any and all recipe ideas are appreciated!


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