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ok, i know you guys come here for the photos, but today, you’re here for the recipe. raw, vegan cheese. seriously. it tastes like cheese.

in a blender, mix two cups cashews, one large red pepper, half a cup or so of water, the juice of half a lemon, and whatever seasonings you want.

this is what you get:

it actually tastes like cheese, i would not lie to you. i’m having it with jicama, carrots and broccoli – yum yum! i remember being a kid, and i always wanted to try cheese on broccoli because i saw it on tv, but my mom wouldn’t let me. so now, after more than 20 years, i’m finally having broccoli and cheese! i added a LOT of cayenne pepper, so it’s pretty spicy, but i like that, because it makes me feel like i’m eating a real meal, you know, and not (as my friend kristy said) “being tricked into eating another salad.”


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  1. OMGosh I want to try that cheese! I am a big cheese person, but my thighs do not appreciate it as much as I do! Now if I eat the healthy cheese my thighs might be a little more forgiving!

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