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i’ve been feeling a little sluggish and have decided to do a 3 day raw food cleanse. i’d like to be better to the environment and personally healthier in general — incorporate raw food into my regular diet a lot more, cut back on animal consumption to once or twice a week, etc. hopefully this little cleanse will help kick it off. i’m on the lookout for a food dehydrator so that i can have a more diverse diet, so hopefully that will work out soon.

first, i made a trip to a market in chinatown, and picked up some fruits and vegetables:

then, i went to choices organic market, and picked up: raw cacao nibs, almonds, almond butter, acacia honey, medjool dates, a pineapple, coconut milk, and four cinnamon-raisin raw organic food bars. the bars are soooo good. it’s nice to be able to eat something that feels like such a treat, but really, has nothing bad in it for you.

in total, i spent about $100 today, but it’s all healthy, (mostly organic) quality food, so i can’t complain too much. my friend kristy just finished her 30 day raw food diet, so it’s nice to have someone i can ask lots of questions of. if you have any recipe ideas, let me know!


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