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a watermark i’m happy with! i’ve been spending so much time, way more hours than i’d like anyone to know about, trying to design a watermark i loved as much as my regular logo, and for some reason, couldn’t do it. well, with the help of my friend, the super-duper-awesome sarahkchen, i’m finally happy!

what do you guys think?

note: sadly, this is pretty much the only shot i took of the nevada desert… from a moving vehicle… very sad. but isn’t the desert beautiful?!

and since this is a completely random post anyways… i’m going to share the thing that’s been cracking me up for over 24 hours. the golden girls, aka the best show ever. i am addicted to this show. so, the girls go to the gym and there’s this young aerobics instructor with her awesome 80’s get-up, and she’s trying to sell them equally awesome outfits…

instructor: you’ll also need aerobics suits, warm-up outfits, wrist bands, head bands, leg warmers…

dorothy: wait a minute — wait a minute — leg warmers?

instructor: well, you’ll need something to keep your thighs warm. what are you using now?

dorothy: friction. that’s why we’re here.

hahaha, i love the golden girls.


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  1. I love it! It’s perfect!

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