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has changed my life.

i’m a photo-blog addict. it’s pretty much out of control, but i love them so much. i wish i could talk about photography for 14 hours of every day, but since that’s (sadly) unealistic, i fill the time with photography blogs. well, i just discovered bloglines, which basically organizes all the blogs i subscribe to, and, within the webpage, notifies me when there are new entries on a blog. i love it, because it saves me time — and disappointment, when i go to find amazing and inspiring, posts, but there are no new ones.

so, if you read several blogs, sign up, and add me to your feed! also, please let me know of any blogs you think i’d like, either in the comments or by email.



One Comment

  1. You totally just saved me! I have recently become an addict as well due to illness and I am so excited to use bloglines! Yeah!

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