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you’re in las vegas, on your honeymoon, enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon in a casual restaurant. some crazy girl with frizzy hair and a big camera approaches you, asking if you’d like to do an impromptu photo session. what would you do? well, if you’re rachael and andrew (both of them?), you’d say “yes!” a thousand times.

rachael and andrew are the cutest couple of newlyweds ever. they’re from wilmington, north carolina, and i pretty much wanted to listen to rachael’s accent forever. so sweet. she’s pretty much just like me, and we kind of got carried away talking about shopping and lip gloss and other such ridiculousness. andrew is sooooooo sweet and polite, and it was really such a pleasure to meet the both of them.

ok, enough’s enough. now the photos.

i had this shot all set up, and out of nowhere comes this guy on the bike! umm… perfect!!

prettiest hallway ever, no?

i have these irrational feelings of anger for businesses with names that include words from more than one language in them… but this is still such a pretty spot in the paris hotel.

how awesome is this “wall” in the planet hollywood hotel?!

possibly my favourite from the day. so sweet.

rachael, i WILL be tracking you down next time i’m in north carolina for a day of shopping! :o)


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