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my most beautiful sample album EVER is in! i knew it was going to arrive today, and i’m not kidding, i could barely sleep. i kept waking at every little noise, and would jump up from the bed and go to the window to see if the truck was here. eventually, i was going so crazy waiting for it to come, i just sat in the hallway, staring at the door, waiting to hear a knock. i wish i was exaggerating.

it’s gooorrrrrrrgggeeouuuussss. i can’t wait to show it off! i am soooooo happy with my supplier. these people are on the ball, seriously. they kept me updated at all stages of album production, and they even got it out earlier than anticipated! now, there are a few tinytinytiny issues with it, but i contacted the owner of the company directly, and he assured me they’ll do a re-print right away, and i should get the new one in a week or so! how great is that?! i love the attitude these people have so much, and look forward to doing lots and lots and LOTS of business with them! you’ll love them too — trust me!

i had really high expectations after hearing so many good things about it, but i’m still blown away. i took some photos while i was still completely freaking out with excitement from its arrival. it looks good here, but trust me, these photos do NOT do it justice. it’s stunning.

hello, beautiful…

look, no gutter!

so perfect.

and look at the cute bag it came in!!

yes, you must see this, in person. you can call me and set up an appointment, but you could also pretty much just stop me in the street, because i will never leave it alone.


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  1. Kristel, it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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