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i’m having so much fun in vegas! i’m actually sad to leave, even though i know 8 days is a loooonnngg time to be here.

those that know me know i loooovvveee cirque du soleil. soooo much. “o” is the best live performance i’ve ever seen (closely followed by u2 in concert). so while here, i decided i had to see at least one of their shows. last night, i went to see zumanity. now, i was a little bit nervous, because i knew it was referred to as “the sexual side of cirque du soleil,” and have heard of lots of patrons walking out of the show. i’m a pretty conservative person, so i didn’t know how comfortable i would be, but in the end, i loved it!! yes, there were a few parts where i was slightly awkward, but as with al that is cirque, it was BEAUTIFUL. there were funny parts, amazing acrobatic parts, crazy contortionist parts, and through it all, it was so visually appealing. i saw at least 3 groups of people walk out of the theatre (2 did so when there was a scene featuring two men), which is fine, but too bad, because they missed out on so much beauty. and those performers… oh my gosh… where do these people come from?! they are so talented!

note: if i have kids, i’m hoping one will be a cirque du soleil performer (free seats!), and that the other will be chief justice of the supreme court (uhh… that’d just be awesome to tell people).

i spent a little bit of time looking for the least offensive video i could find, so here you go… look up other videos of it if you’re interested and open-minded… it was incredible!

oh, and coming soon:

:: rachael and andrew

:: linne and tony’s beautiful vegas wedding

:: my sample album!

:: that canvas i told you about


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  1. I loved Zumanity! I really liked the hula-hoop girl and the giant wine glass. 🙂

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