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meet linne and tony.

they are the reason i’m in las vegas, having this amazing trip. i was so excited to *finally* meet them two days ago, at lake las vegas — where they live, and where the wedding will take place. i was so blown away by how pretty the short drive out there was, and seeing the actual desert. i mean, i’ve been to las vegas before, but the typical trip here doesn’t give a real feel of what nevada is like. i never knew that an uninhabitable desert could be so pretty!

(to be honest, this post is killing me… i don’t know how to choose which photos to include, because i have soooo many favourites!)

umm… this place was kind of ridiculous, it’s so nice.

i think i might order this next photo on a big canvas, just to be able to show my clients. that’s how much i love it.

the sun set behind a mountain, and it turned dark in an instant… these are the last couple shots as we were leaving.

oh, and the sky was *actually* this blue.

linne and tony, i know you’re probably crazy busy and won’t be reading this today, but i absolutely can’t wait til your wedding.. thankfully, it’s tomorrow! yay! i’m really looking forward to spending the day with you, and capturing the beautiful memories from your day.



  1. Kristel!

    These shots are absolutely GORGEOUS! What a beautiful couple! I am sure the wedding was so special and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!


  2. OMG. These shots are outstanding. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks, ladies! i looovvvveee linne and tony. they look amazing in these shots, and they are the coolest people ever. well, except you two of course. ;o)

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