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i’m here! and i’m soooo excited to be here. of course, i’m probably not making the most of this place… yet, at least.

yesterday morning (or should i say night?) i woke up at 4 AM. that’s right. four o’clock in the morning. ugh. i figured the airport would be dead quiet at that time… who on earth likes to fly at 6:00?? but there, at 5:10am, the place was packed. huge long line-ups, i couldn’t believe it. anyway, in the end, i made my way to my plane, and was down on the strip before 9am. the check-in at my hotel wasn’t until 4pm, so i pretty much just walked around, took a few photos of some casinos, and had some lunch. apparently there’s no free wireless internet in this town… i went to starbucks, planning on buying a week-long internet pass, but apparently the locationss here don’t have wireless. my hotel, for example, charges $25/day for wireless. my point being, don’t expect a whole lot of communication from me while i’m here.

ok, after checking into my hotel, i went swimming in the pool — and i had the whole pool to myself! which was nice, because even though i’ve always loved the water, and have taken more than my fair share of swimming lessons… i’m not exactly a great swimmer. it really doesn’t make sense… if you asked anyone in my family, they know i loooveee swimming. when i was a kid, i’d go to my family’s cottage in the summer… i would get out of bed and immediately put on my swimsuit and go down to the lake. i’d stay in the water all day. literally, my grandma would bring my lunch and snacks and drinks to the end of the dock, and i’d swim up and eat/drink them while in the water, because otherwise, i wouldn’t have eaten all day.

and that was just about my whole day. i watched a little tv, and fell asleep before 8pm. well, here are a few of the photos from yesterday…

note: the photo in the upper right hand corner is a taxi cab with a sign that says: “the gun store — try one — full autos” what the heck?!

ok, the photo won’t seem to load with this slow internet, but check it out here, and i’ll re-upload when i get some good internet…

las vegas, day one.


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