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so, i’ve been planning on waiting to show photos of my *gorgeous* new canvas… i wanted to bring it back to vancouver, and hang it on the wall, but i just can’t do it, i have to show you how incredible the quality of this piece is! i’ll wait to show you what the whole thing looks like, but check out the details…

the corners are absolutely perfect, no wrinkles whatsoever. the attention to detail that the makers of this canvas have is ridiculous!

this piece comes ready to hang… all you need is a wall, and you’re pretty much set. and again, with the details… notice the nice, heavy-duty paper backing.

and to protect your walls, it even comes with these rubber stoppers at the bottom. i never even would have thought of this!

canvases are my new obsession. you will be seeing lots of them in the future here.

ok, i must now continue with my packing — only 14 hours until vegas!!



  1. OMG. The details ARE spectacular. I’m VERY impressed and might indeed switch over. LOL. Thanks for sharing your product reviews!

  2. oh, and just wait til you see a photo of it on the wall (when i get around to it) and better yet — in person! sigh… i have so much love for this thing.

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