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when i was a kid, i’d get “grounded” sometimes, usually for having a messy room. my mom would send me to my room, and say that i couldn’t leave until it was cleaned. well, an hour or so later, my mom would come in, only to find me alphabetizing books or taping posters of the new kids on the block on my wall. i was never really good at actually getting it done.

and i’m still not.

since i’m sick and pretty much confined to my house, i wanted to get some organizing/cleaning taken care of. after not being in my apartment for a little while, i was feeling pretty excited to minimize my possessions and reduce clutter. well, old habits kicked in, and i rearranged my dvds, then got into the ol’ photo box. i don’t have too many photos from throughout my life, but somehow, i cracked the lid, and spent… oh… two hours… looking at them.

i’m sure you’ve been wondering where the heck the photos are. so, i have good news and i have bad news. good news: this entry includes photos. the bad news: they’re photos of photos. here are a few of my favourite photos i came across.

i was pretty much the cutest kid ever. (note, the one in the washbin was taken in the yukon. we had running water in my house.)

the top photo is me (notice my awesome green tights, the kind with the black stirrup at the bottom, that’s right) and my sister ice skating on the lake at my family’s cottage. at the bottom is me with my cousin slash best friend, kylie (i like that this photo also shows how i’ve always had a great sense of fashion. bet you didn’t think you could add that many bows *and* buttons to a dress, eh? yeah, not just anyone could pull it off.)

i sort of can’t believe i only have *one* of these photo booth shots of me and krista. that booth outside the movie theatre was kinda’ a big part of our lives. but here it is.

and finally, i’m sure you’ve been wondering: “has kristel always been such a cool person??” the answer: yes. YES! and just to prove it, here’s a photo from the rockin’ night i had when i graduated high school. leigh and tina and i were definitely “the cool kids.” (especially tina, whose father is apparently the father from “the wonder years”… i don’t know… i’m just going on the station wagon here).

while going through my things, i also realized that i’m kind of a crummy friend. haha. i have sooooo many holiday cards and letters from friends and family (especially shauna lee)… and umm… yeah, i never send them anything like that. so here’s my public, formal apology for being so neglectful with that. i have an awesome set of relatives and friends, and am super grateful for them.

ok, that was my little trip down memory lane. back to the regular blog, starting now.


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