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at the end of this month, i’ll be photographing a wedding with a super nice couple that i can’t wait to meet in…. las vegas! i’m getting so freaking excited. i guess i’ve been pretty mellow about it, because i’ve been quite busy, but since i’m currently wrapping up a few projects, it’s finally sinking in.

this will be my second trip to vegas, but a completely different one from my last. firstly, i might be travelling solo this time (although i’m really hoping my friend kristi will come). secondly, i’ll have my camera (obviously)! when i went to vegas about four years ago, i didn’t take a picture. not a single one. (that was back before i had a camera and didn’t want one, because i figured “i’ll just buy a postcard, because i can’t take a photo that good”) but now, when i think of vegas… well, it’s kind of like disneyland for photographers… so. awesome. i can’t wait.

the last time i was in vegas, i saw “o” at the bellagio, and it pretty much changed my life, so i’d really like to get in another cirque show while there. aside from that, all i want is to get out in the desert and take some photos. any other suggestions for the must-do/see stuff? let me know!

yeah, that’s about it. wish i could add a photo, but like i said… no pictures.

oh, i should also mention… i’ll be making another trip in the next couple months for a wedding in a place i’ve always wanted to go to. but hold your horses, i’m saving the reveal for later.



  1. Oh yeah oh yeah… VEGAS!!! You have got to check out old vegas… the fremont street experience is pretty sweet! Go on the roller coasters Kristel!!!! Go to the MGM and check out to lions… umm… vegas… overload… AHH!!!

  2. sarah, thanks for the suggestions… i can tell you that i will *not* be going on the new york, new york roller coaster, and here are three reasons why:

    1. it’s way overpriced

    2. i’ve been on it, and thought i was going to die. and i don’t like that feeling

    3. who goes on a roller coaster alone? that’s just sad.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Replace!

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