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i’ll admit it. i hate nature. i wish i were, but i am *not* an outdoorsy person. trees make me sick, bugs love to bite me (my mom says it’s because i’m so sweet), and i’m actually allergic to the sun. who the heck is allergic to the sun?!


well, today, graeme bribed me to go to a park. (he used jamba juice — i ordered a white gummy bear — yuck. way too sweet). anyways, we walked around both the luther burbank park and another park here on mercer island. four bug bites later, and here are the photos i took.

(is it just me that thinks that this isn’t all that pretty?)

this chain barrier was cool, i’ll give you (“you” being the park) that.

the view. even i can appreciate this. sort of. in my own photo-nerd way.

oh, interestingly enough, i’m doing a bunch of travelling this year, mostly to (crazy) hot places. thankfully, it’s for weddings. and when i’m taking photos, i’m so happy, i don’t even worry about the environmental conditions. in fact, i can’t wait to get sunburnt in exchange for lots of awesome shots!!



  1. WHAT?!?! How can you be from Canada and not be a semi-outdoorsy person? Blasphemy!I like the chain shot. It seems very poltical but isn’t at all.

  2. haha, i know… i’m a disgrace to my country.

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