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Monthly Archives: May 2008

my most beautiful sample album EVER is in! i knew it was going to arrive today, and i’m not kidding, i could barely sleep. i kept waking at every little noise, and would jump up from the bed and go to the window to see if the truck was here. eventually, i was going so crazy waiting for it to come, i just sat in the hallway, staring at the door, waiting to hear a knock. i wish i was exaggerating.

it’s gooorrrrrrrgggeeouuuussss. i can’t wait to show it off! i am soooooo happy with my supplier. these people are on the ball, seriously. they kept me updated at all stages of album production, and they even got it out earlier than anticipated! now, there are a few tinytinytiny issues with it, but i contacted the owner of the company directly, and he assured me they’ll do a re-print right away, and i should get the new one in a week or so! how great is that?! i love the attitude these people have so much, and look forward to doing lots and lots and LOTS of business with them! you’ll love them too — trust me!

i had really high expectations after hearing so many good things about it, but i’m still blown away. i took some photos while i was still completely freaking out with excitement from its arrival. it looks good here, but trust me, these photos do NOT do it justice. it’s stunning.

hello, beautiful…

look, no gutter!

so perfect.

and look at the cute bag it came in!!

yes, you must see this, in person. you can call me and set up an appointment, but you could also pretty much just stop me in the street, because i will never leave it alone.


i’m having so much fun in vegas! i’m actually sad to leave, even though i know 8 days is a loooonnngg time to be here.

those that know me know i loooovvveee cirque du soleil. soooo much. “o” is the best live performance i’ve ever seen (closely followed by u2 in concert). so while here, i decided i had to see at least one of their shows. last night, i went to see zumanity. now, i was a little bit nervous, because i knew it was referred to as “the sexual side of cirque du soleil,” and have heard of lots of patrons walking out of the show. i’m a pretty conservative person, so i didn’t know how comfortable i would be, but in the end, i loved it!! yes, there were a few parts where i was slightly awkward, but as with al that is cirque, it was BEAUTIFUL. there were funny parts, amazing acrobatic parts, crazy contortionist parts, and through it all, it was so visually appealing. i saw at least 3 groups of people walk out of the theatre (2 did so when there was a scene featuring two men), which is fine, but too bad, because they missed out on so much beauty. and those performers… oh my gosh… where do these people come from?! they are so talented!

note: if i have kids, i’m hoping one will be a cirque du soleil performer (free seats!), and that the other will be chief justice of the supreme court (uhh… that’d just be awesome to tell people).

i spent a little bit of time looking for the least offensive video i could find, so here you go… look up other videos of it if you’re interested and open-minded… it was incredible!

oh, and coming soon:

:: rachael and andrew

:: linne and tony’s beautiful vegas wedding

:: my sample album!

:: that canvas i told you about

meet linne and tony.

they are the reason i’m in las vegas, having this amazing trip. i was so excited to *finally* meet them two days ago, at lake las vegas — where they live, and where the wedding will take place. i was so blown away by how pretty the short drive out there was, and seeing the actual desert. i mean, i’ve been to las vegas before, but the typical trip here doesn’t give a real feel of what nevada is like. i never knew that an uninhabitable desert could be so pretty!

(to be honest, this post is killing me… i don’t know how to choose which photos to include, because i have soooo many favourites!)

umm… this place was kind of ridiculous, it’s so nice.

i think i might order this next photo on a big canvas, just to be able to show my clients. that’s how much i love it.

the sun set behind a mountain, and it turned dark in an instant… these are the last couple shots as we were leaving.

oh, and the sky was *actually* this blue.

linne and tony, i know you’re probably crazy busy and won’t be reading this today, but i absolutely can’t wait til your wedding.. thankfully, it’s tomorrow! yay! i’m really looking forward to spending the day with you, and capturing the beautiful memories from your day.

i’m here! and i’m soooo excited to be here. of course, i’m probably not making the most of this place… yet, at least.

yesterday morning (or should i say night?) i woke up at 4 AM. that’s right. four o’clock in the morning. ugh. i figured the airport would be dead quiet at that time… who on earth likes to fly at 6:00?? but there, at 5:10am, the place was packed. huge long line-ups, i couldn’t believe it. anyway, in the end, i made my way to my plane, and was down on the strip before 9am. the check-in at my hotel wasn’t until 4pm, so i pretty much just walked around, took a few photos of some casinos, and had some lunch. apparently there’s no free wireless internet in this town… i went to starbucks, planning on buying a week-long internet pass, but apparently the locationss here don’t have wireless. my hotel, for example, charges $25/day for wireless. my point being, don’t expect a whole lot of communication from me while i’m here.

ok, after checking into my hotel, i went swimming in the pool — and i had the whole pool to myself! which was nice, because even though i’ve always loved the water, and have taken more than my fair share of swimming lessons… i’m not exactly a great swimmer. it really doesn’t make sense… if you asked anyone in my family, they know i loooveee swimming. when i was a kid, i’d go to my family’s cottage in the summer… i would get out of bed and immediately put on my swimsuit and go down to the lake. i’d stay in the water all day. literally, my grandma would bring my lunch and snacks and drinks to the end of the dock, and i’d swim up and eat/drink them while in the water, because otherwise, i wouldn’t have eaten all day.

and that was just about my whole day. i watched a little tv, and fell asleep before 8pm. well, here are a few of the photos from yesterday…

note: the photo in the upper right hand corner is a taxi cab with a sign that says: “the gun store — try one — full autos” what the heck?!

ok, the photo won’t seem to load with this slow internet, but check it out here, and i’ll re-upload when i get some good internet…

las vegas, day one.

so, i’ve been planning on waiting to show photos of my *gorgeous* new canvas… i wanted to bring it back to vancouver, and hang it on the wall, but i just can’t do it, i have to show you how incredible the quality of this piece is! i’ll wait to show you what the whole thing looks like, but check out the details…

the corners are absolutely perfect, no wrinkles whatsoever. the attention to detail that the makers of this canvas have is ridiculous!

this piece comes ready to hang… all you need is a wall, and you’re pretty much set. and again, with the details… notice the nice, heavy-duty paper backing.

and to protect your walls, it even comes with these rubber stoppers at the bottom. i never even would have thought of this!

canvases are my new obsession. you will be seeing lots of them in the future here.

ok, i must now continue with my packing — only 14 hours until vegas!!

my friend kristy found these insanely cool and beautiful dresses several months ago, and we’re still crazy about them. so fun, so stylish, so awesome! and they even design those classy-jackie-kennedy-leaving-for-her-honeymoon-suits, which i would pretty much *die* to photograph. can you imagine how beautiful send-off shots would be with classic outfits like these?

when i was a kid, i’d get “grounded” sometimes, usually for having a messy room. my mom would send me to my room, and say that i couldn’t leave until it was cleaned. well, an hour or so later, my mom would come in, only to find me alphabetizing books or taping posters of the new kids on the block on my wall. i was never really good at actually getting it done.

and i’m still not.

since i’m sick and pretty much confined to my house, i wanted to get some organizing/cleaning taken care of. after not being in my apartment for a little while, i was feeling pretty excited to minimize my possessions and reduce clutter. well, old habits kicked in, and i rearranged my dvds, then got into the ol’ photo box. i don’t have too many photos from throughout my life, but somehow, i cracked the lid, and spent… oh… two hours… looking at them.

i’m sure you’ve been wondering where the heck the photos are. so, i have good news and i have bad news. good news: this entry includes photos. the bad news: they’re photos of photos. here are a few of my favourite photos i came across.

i was pretty much the cutest kid ever. (note, the one in the washbin was taken in the yukon. we had running water in my house.)

the top photo is me (notice my awesome green tights, the kind with the black stirrup at the bottom, that’s right) and my sister ice skating on the lake at my family’s cottage. at the bottom is me with my cousin slash best friend, kylie (i like that this photo also shows how i’ve always had a great sense of fashion. bet you didn’t think you could add that many bows *and* buttons to a dress, eh? yeah, not just anyone could pull it off.)

i sort of can’t believe i only have *one* of these photo booth shots of me and krista. that booth outside the movie theatre was kinda’ a big part of our lives. but here it is.

and finally, i’m sure you’ve been wondering: “has kristel always been such a cool person??” the answer: yes. YES! and just to prove it, here’s a photo from the rockin’ night i had when i graduated high school. leigh and tina and i were definitely “the cool kids.” (especially tina, whose father is apparently the father from “the wonder years”… i don’t know… i’m just going on the station wagon here).

while going through my things, i also realized that i’m kind of a crummy friend. haha. i have sooooo many holiday cards and letters from friends and family (especially shauna lee)… and umm… yeah, i never send them anything like that. so here’s my public, formal apology for being so neglectful with that. i have an awesome set of relatives and friends, and am super grateful for them.

ok, that was my little trip down memory lane. back to the regular blog, starting now.

i’m back in vancouver. it feels like it’s been years since i was here, when really, it’s just been a few weeks. today was a perfect day to come back — the weather was incredible, and the first thing i did after dropping off my suitcase was go for a nice walk. i intended to take some photos, but in the end, decided to just *feel* that happiness you get when the sun is shining and there’s a soft breeze, you know the feeling. sometimes, i am so involved with my camera, that i forget to enjoy things that are going on. and that’s great when i’m doing something like photographing someone’s wedding, but when i’m just living my own life, i should probably set the camera aside a bit more, keep my eyes wide open, and smile.

that said, i want to take some nice shots of vancouver while i’m here. :o)

i will be in vancouver for the next week or so… let me know if you’d like to meet up for a shoot or some coffee! my schedule is pretty open this next week, and i really don’t know what i’m going to do with myself! i have some (boring) business-related things to tend to, and i plan on reorganizing my apartment, but for fun activities… i’m running short.

at the end of this month, i’ll be photographing a wedding with a super nice couple that i can’t wait to meet in…. las vegas! i’m getting so freaking excited. i guess i’ve been pretty mellow about it, because i’ve been quite busy, but since i’m currently wrapping up a few projects, it’s finally sinking in.

this will be my second trip to vegas, but a completely different one from my last. firstly, i might be travelling solo this time (although i’m really hoping my friend kristi will come). secondly, i’ll have my camera (obviously)! when i went to vegas about four years ago, i didn’t take a picture. not a single one. (that was back before i had a camera and didn’t want one, because i figured “i’ll just buy a postcard, because i can’t take a photo that good”) but now, when i think of vegas… well, it’s kind of like disneyland for photographers… so. awesome. i can’t wait.

the last time i was in vegas, i saw “o” at the bellagio, and it pretty much changed my life, so i’d really like to get in another cirque show while there. aside from that, all i want is to get out in the desert and take some photos. any other suggestions for the must-do/see stuff? let me know!

yeah, that’s about it. wish i could add a photo, but like i said… no pictures.

oh, i should also mention… i’ll be making another trip in the next couple months for a wedding in a place i’ve always wanted to go to. but hold your horses, i’m saving the reveal for later.

i’ll admit it. i hate nature. i wish i were, but i am *not* an outdoorsy person. trees make me sick, bugs love to bite me (my mom says it’s because i’m so sweet), and i’m actually allergic to the sun. who the heck is allergic to the sun?!


well, today, graeme bribed me to go to a park. (he used jamba juice — i ordered a white gummy bear — yuck. way too sweet). anyways, we walked around both the luther burbank park and another park here on mercer island. four bug bites later, and here are the photos i took.

(is it just me that thinks that this isn’t all that pretty?)

this chain barrier was cool, i’ll give you (“you” being the park) that.

the view. even i can appreciate this. sort of. in my own photo-nerd way.

oh, interestingly enough, i’m doing a bunch of travelling this year, mostly to (crazy) hot places. thankfully, it’s for weddings. and when i’m taking photos, i’m so happy, i don’t even worry about the environmental conditions. in fact, i can’t wait to get sunburnt in exchange for lots of awesome shots!!