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ok, remember a few weeks ago, when i took the bainbridge ferry to an unknown location? well, i headed down to silverdale with the ridiculously sweet and kind jackie donnelly. it was such a wonderful day, i actually wish i had written this back then, when i could remember all the wonderful details! however, to be sure that holly and derek would see their photos first, i waited until now. i don’t think i’ve shot a single wedding that didn’t at least choke me up a bit. but this one… i flat out cried. cried, tears streaming down my face, still can’t believe i still remembered to keep photographing, cried. the people at this wedding were so kind that not only did i not want the day to end, i wanted to move in with them and be a part of their amazing family. i wanted to turn back time and be raised by their parents (no offense, mom and dad, haha). i completely fell in love with these people. holly and derek have been together forever and ever, it seemed. and with holly being the minister’s daughter, i can only imagine how intimidating that must have been for derek! holly’s father performed the ceremony, and i was so touched by it. it was so apparent how much he trusts derek with his daughter, and from the things he said, i know that all of these people are truly as they came across. this was the biggest wedding i’ve photographed (i believe there were over 400 people there!). holly told me they had invited everyone in the church, and pretty much anyone they had ever met. and they all showed up! it was wonderful. here are a few photos from the day:

holly’s mom helping her get dressed:

i think this is the first “say cheese” photo i’ve ever shown on my blog. but i just love this one of holly and her father:

the guys…

holly, singing a song to her new husband in front of the guests (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):

to holly and derek and both of your families: thank you so much for your kindness and for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day.



  1. Kristel, your talents and kindness really helped me with this job. You were wonderful, and I really loved working with you. I, too, was very touched by this wedding and the people there.


  2. Awww. Thanks Kristel! I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding. 🙂 After all those months of planning it pays off to hear that others enjoyed it as much as I did. Having you and Jackie there was a HUGE load off of my mind. I had absolutely no worries that you two would do an amazing job, and the pictures were amazing. Thanks again!

  3. Kristel, I am Holly’s mom–You know, the one who was so distracted at the wedding that I couldn’t even watch the totally cool slide show you had on your laptop? And, the one who was mortified when the candy buffet girl left and you graciously filled the containers for me? Anyway, your comments about the wedding really touched our hearts and we want to thank you for being a part of the day. You were awesome and the pictures are wonderful! God Bless you.

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