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ok, sorry for the lack of activity on this blog… things have been super busy. unfortunately, it’s not the kind of busy that is blog-worthy… i pretty much assume no one wants to see pictures of me, in pyjamas, designing an album for 9 hours per day, and such lame activities. (of course, i don’t consider it lame… but i know i’m the exception to the rule).

but the good thing is, i’m done designing an album! it’ll take about 3 weeks or so for me to get it back, and the wait is already killing me!

oh, remember that pottery i painted? umm… let’s just say… it looks awful. i went to pick it up this weekend, and was beyond disappointed by it. they agreed that they must have given me the wrong colours, and gave me a gift certificate for the value of my piece. so, as soon as i get some free time, i’ll get on that.

had dinner at sushi land tonight — i truly believe all food should come by on a conveyor belt. so fun! and for dessert, a pb&j smoothie from jamba juice. i’d heard about jamba juice’s “secret menu,” and decided to try something new (i usually get plain carrot juice or peanut butter moo’d). that place is like willy wonka’s factory, no kidding… it tastes *exactly* like a pb&j sandwich.

yeah, umm… that’s about it. thanks for reading. :o)


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