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sunday was a great day… graeme and i went to the original pancake house in ballard, after reading about it in seattle magazine. we ordered their two most popular items — the dutch baby and the spiced apple pancake. the dutch baby (which is what i ordered, and favoured) was basically a super thin but puffy pancake type thing that came with fresh lemon slices, which i squeezed over the pancake. sounds weird, but it was amazing. they were both so delicious, and so huge! next time, we’ll likely share one of the two… but the tricky part would be deciding which one to go with! plus, they still have a whole menu of other delicious items to choose from!

after brunch, we decided to go bowling, something i hadn’t done in years and years. apparently it’s still popular, though, because we had to wait an hour for a lane! we took a walk to kill time, and after much persuasion, i took a few shots of the g-man himself…


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  1. What a stud! And I love pancakes! I will have to convince Chris to go there. Double date?

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