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i spent most of today at creatively yours, a pottery painting studio in bellevue. i have always loved painting pottery, and have acquired quite a few pieces — i usually make one piece per visit. my friend graeme, on the other hand, has been working on his piece for the past two years. to be fair, he only goes a few times per year, but still…

today, i felt like trying something new, so i used their high-fire paints. the thing that was scariest about these things is that when they are put in the kiln, there is a chemical reaction of some sort, and the colours completely change. here’s my piece, but note that when it comes out of the kiln, it will have a beige background with green leaves and brown branch parts.

you know, i was going to add a photo of the awesome thing graeme’s making, but i’ve decided to save it. it’s nearly finished… just two weeks til the grand unveiling.

the studio is in a mall, and it’s really the strangest mall ever… example: every time i’ve been there, they’ve had live music in the food court. there’s a stage and they bring in bands… it’s very strange. but tonight, from inside the studio, i saw this couple dancing in the hall, and just had to take a photo…


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