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Monthly Archives: April 2008

ok, remember a few weeks ago, when i took the bainbridge ferry to an unknown location? well, i headed down to silverdale with the ridiculously sweet and kind jackie donnelly. it was such a wonderful day, i actually wish i had written this back then, when i could remember all the wonderful details! however, to be sure that holly and derek would see their photos first, i waited until now. i don’t think i’ve shot a single wedding that didn’t at least choke me up a bit. but this one… i flat out cried. cried, tears streaming down my face, still can’t believe i still remembered to keep photographing, cried. the people at this wedding were so kind that not only did i not want the day to end, i wanted to move in with them and be a part of their amazing family. i wanted to turn back time and be raised by their parents (no offense, mom and dad, haha). i completely fell in love with these people. holly and derek have been together forever and ever, it seemed. and with holly being the minister’s daughter, i can only imagine how intimidating that must have been for derek! holly’s father performed the ceremony, and i was so touched by it. it was so apparent how much he trusts derek with his daughter, and from the things he said, i know that all of these people are truly as they came across. this was the biggest wedding i’ve photographed (i believe there were over 400 people there!). holly told me they had invited everyone in the church, and pretty much anyone they had ever met. and they all showed up! it was wonderful. here are a few photos from the day:

holly’s mom helping her get dressed:

i think this is the first “say cheese” photo i’ve ever shown on my blog. but i just love this one of holly and her father:

the guys…

holly, singing a song to her new husband in front of the guests (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):

to holly and derek and both of your families: thank you so much for your kindness and for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day.


ok, sorry for the lack of activity on this blog… things have been super busy. unfortunately, it’s not the kind of busy that is blog-worthy… i pretty much assume no one wants to see pictures of me, in pyjamas, designing an album for 9 hours per day, and such lame activities. (of course, i don’t consider it lame… but i know i’m the exception to the rule).

but the good thing is, i’m done designing an album! it’ll take about 3 weeks or so for me to get it back, and the wait is already killing me!

oh, remember that pottery i painted? umm… let’s just say… it looks awful. i went to pick it up this weekend, and was beyond disappointed by it. they agreed that they must have given me the wrong colours, and gave me a gift certificate for the value of my piece. so, as soon as i get some free time, i’ll get on that.

had dinner at sushi land tonight — i truly believe all food should come by on a conveyor belt. so fun! and for dessert, a pb&j smoothie from jamba juice. i’d heard about jamba juice’s “secret menu,” and decided to try something new (i usually get plain carrot juice or peanut butter moo’d). that place is like willy wonka’s factory, no kidding… it tastes *exactly* like a pb&j sandwich.

yeah, umm… that’s about it. thanks for reading. :o)

yesterday, i had a little business to tend to (more on that later), and ended up taking the ferry over to bainbridge island. it was my first time on that ferry, and it was such a good experience, i can’t wait to take it again! the ride was only about 30 minutes, and what a view!

the big city…

ps. i had brunch at el greco yesterday, and oh. my. gosh. soooo. goood. i ate the avocado and pepper jack omelet. truly the most delicious omelet ever. definitely my new favourite brunch place.

sunday was a great day… graeme and i went to the original pancake house in ballard, after reading about it in seattle magazine. we ordered their two most popular items — the dutch baby and the spiced apple pancake. the dutch baby (which is what i ordered, and favoured) was basically a super thin but puffy pancake type thing that came with fresh lemon slices, which i squeezed over the pancake. sounds weird, but it was amazing. they were both so delicious, and so huge! next time, we’ll likely share one of the two… but the tricky part would be deciding which one to go with! plus, they still have a whole menu of other delicious items to choose from!

after brunch, we decided to go bowling, something i hadn’t done in years and years. apparently it’s still popular, though, because we had to wait an hour for a lane! we took a walk to kill time, and after much persuasion, i took a few shots of the g-man himself…

Click to play (opens in new window)

i wanted to show you some photos you haven’t seen before, so here are just a few shots from a recent trip up to whistler with some friends.

Click to play (opens in new window)

i spent most of today at creatively yours, a pottery painting studio in bellevue. i have always loved painting pottery, and have acquired quite a few pieces — i usually make one piece per visit. my friend graeme, on the other hand, has been working on his piece for the past two years. to be fair, he only goes a few times per year, but still…

today, i felt like trying something new, so i used their high-fire paints. the thing that was scariest about these things is that when they are put in the kiln, there is a chemical reaction of some sort, and the colours completely change. here’s my piece, but note that when it comes out of the kiln, it will have a beige background with green leaves and brown branch parts.

you know, i was going to add a photo of the awesome thing graeme’s making, but i’ve decided to save it. it’s nearly finished… just two weeks til the grand unveiling.

the studio is in a mall, and it’s really the strangest mall ever… example: every time i’ve been there, they’ve had live music in the food court. there’s a stage and they bring in bands… it’s very strange. but tonight, from inside the studio, i saw this couple dancing in the hall, and just had to take a photo…

this web server lies.


i got a new slideshow program today and have spent my day trying to figure out how to post one here… but i can’t. apparently it has to do with my c-panel. i hate c-panels. whatever they are.

so i tried contacting my hosting company, and apparently their site is down. (not really a good sign).

anyways, hopefully i’ll be able to get it up tomorrow.