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last friday was the greatest day ever, no joke. stephanie and i went out to take some bridal shots, and one thing lead to another, and we ended up shooting for six-plus glorious hours. we had a few interruptions (like lunch at mary mac’s tearoom) and a little “modeling” for an abc documentary, believe it or not.

it was really one of the greatest days ever, but i feel a little weird writing about it in a really positive way, because 24 hours later, a tornado hit atlanta, and destroyed many of the locations we shot in. i’ve only seen a few photos of some of these places, but stephanie phoned me yesterday to tell me she drove by there again, and that buildings were flattened, cars were overturned, and the neighbourhoods were just destroyed. i feel very sad that these beautiful, historic spots were damaged and are no longer there. and i worry about the kind people i met there, and pray that they are alright.

the morning of the tornado, i went to greenville, south carolina. i am definitely glad i wasn’t there that day, although returning to atlanta was strange… the hotel i had stayed in while in atlanta was closed because of extensive damage from the tornado, so i had to find another place to stay… and i’ll tell you about my awesome alternative soon. :o)

however, for what it’s worth, i am glad that i got a chance to photograph in these beautiful spots while they were still there.



sweet tea and fried chicken…


these next few shots were taken at the cotton mill lofts, which, as you might have guessed, used to be a cotton mill. i still can’t believe that while there, i kept saying how much i wanted to live there… now, the people that did live there are without a home.

my favourite shot of the day…




then, we went to the oakland cemetery, which is a national historic site. unfortunately, it was also heavily damaged.


i love this shot… i literally had room on my card for exactly one shot, and it came out exactly as i wanted.



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