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natasha and i met up last wednesday to have a bridal shoot… we planned on going all over town, but ended up not even leaving the marriott marquis hotel!

natasha was wonderful, and a fantastic model, and all-around cool gal, but what made it even better was the amazing security guard, clemente. clemente is the most kick-butt human ever! he took us all over the place, treating me like the vip i wish i was. and not only was clemente so awesome, there were at least 3 other staff members that got involved, thinking of awesome secret locations. at one point, the manager of this breathtaking 1647-room hotel was moving plants around, saying “we can have her in the middle…” yes. that was one of the coolest experiences i had in the south, and definitely the best customer service experience of my life.

ok, but back to natasha… :o)

natasha is a very talented professional singer, and isn’t she also crazy gorgeous?!




we took this in a room up on the 47th floor… what a view!



natasha, i had such a great day with you! i’m so sad i didn’t get to stay in atlanta, i would have loved to have gone out for dinner with you!


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