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ok, i’m back from atlanta, and holy cow, did i ever have a fantastic time! i’m so exhausted, but i just can’t wait to get started on editing my images from my trip!

people in atlanta are so insanely nice! i consider myself a super nice person, but when up against those in the south, i feel like a big jerk! :o) i was talking with someone about this yesterday, and we agreed that being in the south is, for us, like returning to our childhood, and feeling so secure and comfortable and happy. except, it’s even better, because in my childhood, i didn’t have grits!

like i mentioned before, i went to greenville, south carolina to second-shoot for mark elkins, and you will hear all about that when i finish editing some of the shots from the day.

ok, it’s time for me to get to work on editing, but i’ll fill you in soon…


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