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as my dearest childhood friend, krista, can attest, i adore art galleries. when we were about ten years old, we would spend our saturdays downtown. we’d take the bus around, and we were pretty diplomatic about keeping things even, we’d take turns choosing where we’d go. well, every other week, when it was my turn, we would go to the art gallery. every other week. in a small town, with tiny exhibits (if you could call them that), and not the most frequent updates. but every time, we went. and i can remember one visit, it was a photography exhibit, and it’s always stood out in my mind. there was a photo by robert bateman, and it was of a boy and a girl in a field of dandelions, i believe (krista, you might still remember this too). i can remember exactly where it hung in the room. that was the day i decided that photography was my favourite art medium. and when i first went to new york, the museum i most wanted to see was the museum of photography. somehow, knowing this, i still made it 25 years without even owning a camera.

at this point in time, photography is my life. no question. i can not separate a single experience in my daily life from photos. today, i went to the vancouver art gallery, and it was a reminder of being a child — so amazed by the long hallways, the art on the walls, the wooden floors, the echoing sounds of quiet coughs and slow steps, that whirring sound from projectors… it was just like being a kid, except now, in the tiniest (but most incredible) way, i’m a part of it.

and i don’t really have a point, but if i did, it would be this: when you have something you are interested in, just try it out — whether it’s a food or a friend or even a career, just find out. sometimes, i wonder what would have happened, had i discovered my love for photography sooner… it could be better, it could be worse, so it doesn’t really matter… but i am so glad that i didn’t spend one more day of my life not knowing what i wanted, what i was passionate about. and i hope that this feeling can happen for everyone who’s in the right place in their life, because it’s just magical. it’s not easy, it’s definitely not easy, but i know it’s right. thank you so much, to all the people that have supported me and helped me, and continue to do so. everyone i have worked with has been so fantastic, and has only made me more sure of my place in the world. so thank you to my clients for that.


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