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i spent yesterday wandering around gastown with valerie and devin, and it felt pretty much like going for a walk with some of my friends. from the first time valerie and i spoke, i knew she was soooo excited about getting these photos done, and that made things a lot easier! and she was so easy-going, i briefly considered telling her she had to dress up like ronald mcdonald, just to see her reaction. (note: i think she would have done it). devin is hilarious, and he really made the day super fun. here are some highlights from the afternoon…

here’s the first photo from the day… you can’t go wrong with red.


a little spying from above…


ok, now, if you’ve never seen this place, you might have a tough time understanding this… the following four photos were all taken inside a shoe store. i’m not kidding. shoes. like, for your feet. we came upon the john fluevog store, and what a find! we ended up spending a big chunk of our time there, and we never got over how strange it was.





after that, we braved the risk of time travel (yeah, don’t even try to get it, that’s the kind of humour only devin could think of ;o)…


which brings us to the last photo of the day…




  1. Incredibly gorgeous. The color palette is soooo wonderful.

  2. wow!
    your pictures are amazing.
    where are you based out of?

  3. thanks for the compliments… i am based out of vancouver, british columbia, but am more than willing to travel. :o)

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