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so, as previously mentioned, yesterday, i met up with theresa and ambrose for their engagement photos. they are both originally from southern ontario, and met at university there (note: theresa describes them as “pretty nerdy…” more on that later), and then moved to vancouver a few years ago. they’re clearly very in love, and were both just fantastic people and really nice to talk to over lunch and throughout the day.

i saw this sign last week, and it was really the motivation to come to this location for the session:


while wandering around kitsilano, we came across a little park-like area for a few shots. i love how in the first pic, theresa has her fingers crossed… i didn’t even notice she had done that until i got home and looked at the photos.


my favourite part of our session was when i said it was too bad there was no real significance for “100” for the two of them, and theresa cried out “it’s binary!” i laughed so hard, so now, this is one of my faves of the day.


isn’t this truck fantastic?!


then we stopped for lunch at the noodle box.


and drinks at sejuiced, where i convinced my surprisingly willing victims — i mean, clients — to try some wheatgrass. good times. good times indeed.



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  1. Hey Kristel- these are really awesome. I especially like the 100 photo, it looks excellent in b+w

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