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ok, i’ve been wanting to share this since yesterday, but haven’t had time, because i’ve been enjoying it….

spring is here!

do you realize that it’s still FEBRUARY?! i remember that when i was a kid, i often wouldn’t be able to ride my bike on easter, because there was still snow on the ground. so, i know it doesn’t snow here, but it still gets cold, and it sure as heck rains. but it hasn’t rained, and i’ve just been outside in a light sweater, feeling perfectly comfortable.


today, i had an engagement session with theresa and ambrose (photos to follow), and then headed to commercial drive for some lunch with my new friend olena, who is beautiful and fascinating and so all-around wonderful. we sat on an outdoor patio and there was a light breeze and it was perfect. and then, we went to a park and played on the swings for a while, and it just felt so good to be outside. but, my favourite part of today was when i was on the bus, and was near an older, intoxicated, seemingly homeless fellow, who kept saying things to people like “i like your watch. can i have it?” so, this guy said to me “i like your camera,” to which i said, “i do too.” he then raises his left hand and says “look at my hand. i no married.”


yesterday, william b. davis came into my work for coffee. and today, after running across the street (ok, yes, while jay-walking…) i was seriouslythisclose to knocking matthew good over.


here’s a photo i took very quickly while waiting for the walk sign to flash to show how insanely blue the sky is.



that is all.


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