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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I came across this article here, and wanted to share it. It just shows how much wedding images, these memories, mean to a person, especially after time has passed…
1980 Ohio bride finally gets photos in 2007

MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) — Karen and Mark Cline were teenagers when they got married and didn’t have $150 to pay a photographer for their wedding photos.

But now they’ve got the pictures, just in time for their 27th anniversary on Thursday.

Their photographer located Karen Cline last week at the diner where she works and surprised her with a photo album.

“About a month ago, I was just cleaning out some of my old things and I found it,” said photographer Jim Wagner, who’s now 80. “I knew she didn’t have any money back then, and I just thought she might like to have it.”

It was too much for Karen Cline.

“I just stood there and cried and cried and hugged him,” she said, tearing up again as she described their meeting.

She said she was 18 at the time, and felt heartsick because she and her husband, who was 19, couldn’t afford to pay Wagner. Instead, all they have had was a single photo that someone else took, of her walking down the aisle.

Wagner said he was able to track down Karen Cline after running into her stepfather a few weeks ago. He said she immediately wrote him a check for $150.


i spent yesterday wandering around gastown with valerie and devin, and it felt pretty much like going for a walk with some of my friends. from the first time valerie and i spoke, i knew she was soooo excited about getting these photos done, and that made things a lot easier! and she was so easy-going, i briefly considered telling her she had to dress up like ronald mcdonald, just to see her reaction. (note: i think she would have done it). devin is hilarious, and he really made the day super fun. here are some highlights from the afternoon…

here’s the first photo from the day… you can’t go wrong with red.


a little spying from above…


ok, now, if you’ve never seen this place, you might have a tough time understanding this… the following four photos were all taken inside a shoe store. i’m not kidding. shoes. like, for your feet. we came upon the john fluevog store, and what a find! we ended up spending a big chunk of our time there, and we never got over how strange it was.





after that, we braved the risk of time travel (yeah, don’t even try to get it, that’s the kind of humour only devin could think of ;o)…


which brings us to the last photo of the day…


so, as previously mentioned, yesterday, i met up with theresa and ambrose for their engagement photos. they are both originally from southern ontario, and met at university there (note: theresa describes them as “pretty nerdy…” more on that later), and then moved to vancouver a few years ago. they’re clearly very in love, and were both just fantastic people and really nice to talk to over lunch and throughout the day.

i saw this sign last week, and it was really the motivation to come to this location for the session:


while wandering around kitsilano, we came across a little park-like area for a few shots. i love how in the first pic, theresa has her fingers crossed… i didn’t even notice she had done that until i got home and looked at the photos.


my favourite part of our session was when i said it was too bad there was no real significance for “100” for the two of them, and theresa cried out “it’s binary!” i laughed so hard, so now, this is one of my faves of the day.


isn’t this truck fantastic?!


then we stopped for lunch at the noodle box.


and drinks at sejuiced, where i convinced my surprisingly willing victims — i mean, clients — to try some wheatgrass. good times. good times indeed.


ok, i’ve been wanting to share this since yesterday, but haven’t had time, because i’ve been enjoying it….

spring is here!

do you realize that it’s still FEBRUARY?! i remember that when i was a kid, i often wouldn’t be able to ride my bike on easter, because there was still snow on the ground. so, i know it doesn’t snow here, but it still gets cold, and it sure as heck rains. but it hasn’t rained, and i’ve just been outside in a light sweater, feeling perfectly comfortable.


today, i had an engagement session with theresa and ambrose (photos to follow), and then headed to commercial drive for some lunch with my new friend olena, who is beautiful and fascinating and so all-around wonderful. we sat on an outdoor patio and there was a light breeze and it was perfect. and then, we went to a park and played on the swings for a while, and it just felt so good to be outside. but, my favourite part of today was when i was on the bus, and was near an older, intoxicated, seemingly homeless fellow, who kept saying things to people like “i like your watch. can i have it?” so, this guy said to me “i like your camera,” to which i said, “i do too.” he then raises his left hand and says “look at my hand. i no married.”


yesterday, william b. davis came into my work for coffee. and today, after running across the street (ok, yes, while jay-walking…) i was seriouslythisclose to knocking matthew good over.


here’s a photo i took very quickly while waiting for the walk sign to flash to show how insanely blue the sky is.



that is all.

on saturday, a bunch of people met up at ironworks studio to experiment with some different lighting techniques, and let me tell you, it was a blast! i learned so much, and was so inspired, talking to all these people who also live for photography. one of the best parts of the day for me was getting to talk with martin prihoda, who i have pretty much been photo-stalking for some time now. he was so generous with advice, and basically just seemed like an awesome person.

here a few of my faves from the day:





i think we’re going to meet up again soon, so let me know if you’d like to come!

in photography, as with everything in life, it’s really important to try new things and maximize every experience. so, this evening, i decided to play with some textures. i wish i had more time, since i’m having so much fun, but i just wanted to share a few old shots of mine after spicing them up a bit.



i came across this fantastic article by mark parker on how to get the best photos possible on your wedding day. definitely give this some thought!


Brides Guide to Better Wedding Photography

I’m sure you already know that choosing the right wedding photographer is more important than choosing the right groom. (Just kidding). Getting the right photographer is important, but there are lots of things that YOU can do to ensure that your wedding photos are as good as they can be.

1.Pre-Wedding Photo shoot.
Having a pre-wedding photo shoot can improve your wedding pictures more than anything else you might do. Think about it, your photographer is VERY comfortable on his end of the camera. The time you spend with your photographer in front of the camera will help you become more comfortable being the subject. Try to get to know your photographer. Have fun. Be crazy. Let’s face it; those “magazine bride photos” that you have been looking at do not happen all by themselves. They are well planned, rehearsed, and the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from hundreds of photos. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more likely it is that he will capture that one special moment that only happens once.

2.The Pose.
“Chin up, a little to the left, shoulders back, stand on one foot, hold your breath…hang on…don’t move. ” Any photographer worth his salt should be able to pose you in an elegant and attractive position. Do you know the reason for all these the contortions? By lifting your chin you banish the double chin. Holding your elbows away from your body reduces the apparent width of your torso and accentuates the bosom. Shifting your weight to your rear foot cocks your hips into a position that gives you a sexy curviness. There are many other little tricks your photographer may teach you. Just listen and he will not lead you astray.

3.Hair and Makeup.
Your wedding day is not the right time to experiment with makeup and hairstyles. Be sure to plan a separate day to have a hair and makeup “dress rehearsal”. If you plan to wear a headpiece, use this time to make sure that it will fit with your hairstyle. If you plan it right, your photographer may be available to take some formals on this day too.

Give you photographer the tools he needs to be creative. When ordering flowers for the wedding, be sure to order an extra single rose, boutonniere, ribbon or other inexpensive items that the photographer can use in your photos. Don’t forget to have a copy of your wedding invitation that he can incorporate into the detail shots of your big day. Photos of wedding rings with flowers, invitation, maybe even your shoes and garter can really add to your album.

5. The Bouquet.
How should you hold a bouquet? In a single word.. DOWN!! Never hide your thousand dollar dress with a hundred dollar bouquet. If you’re a five foot bride, do not order a 3 foot cascading bouquet. It’s going to be a long day. By the end of the day, you will be wishing that your bouquet was smaller, lighter, more durable, and maybe even artificial. And if it’s too big you may even injure your guests during the bouquet toss.

6. Backgrounds and angles.
Remember, your wedding day is all about you. Many times complicated backgrounds in your photos distract the viewer’s attention away from the bride and will take away from your photographs. Keep backgrounds as simple as possible. Interesting angles are what keeps the images of a professional photographer from looking like the images of “Uncle Joe”. Everyone knows what a wedding looks like from 5 feet 6. You may see your photographer lying on the ground or climbing trees. Don’t laugh at him. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

When choosing your venue and time of day, keep lighting in mind. If your wedding is outdoors, the best light happens 1-2 hours before sunset. If your wedding is indoors, try to avoid buildings with high dark ceilings and few windows. Since natural light will look much better in your photos, try to plan your wedding when the room will be the brightest. By the way, photographers hate fluorescent lights. They make you look green.

8.Single Use Cameras
Lots of people use them and they seldom work. You may get a few good photos here and there but don’t expect too much. You’ll probably get a whole camera full of photos of Cousin Skip’s girlfriend that you hardly know. Your three year old niece will probably take a lot of pictures of people’s belly buttons. And if anyone gets tipsy at the reception you may get a lot of photos of the ground, shoes, or eyeballs (from holding the camera backwards). Your photography is best left to professionals.

Well that’s it for “The Brides Guide to Better Wedding Photos”. Congratulations on your big day. Now let’s make those memories last!

Mark Parker is a Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer. His work can be seen at

i just wanted to tell everyone that i *love* west jet. when my sister ashley was flying out here, she got locked in the washroom and had a panic attack just before landing in winnipeg. one of the supervisors, lori, took her to the hospital, spent the day with her, made sure she she was fine, and kept me and my mom updated all day long. i went to the vancouver airport to fly to be with her, but somehow, lori calmed her down, took her on a tour of the plane to make sure she was comfortable, and finally, ashley felt comfortable flying on her own. when she arrived in vancouver, lori had arranged for some dinner to be waiting for her, and a taxi to take her to my place. (how incredible is that?!) and lori even followed up the next day to make sure ashley was ok. i really couldn’t tell you a single customer service experience i’ve had that could even compare to the wonderful west jet experience. i could cry right now, thinking of how well lori took care of my sister — it means everything to me. in the future, i’ll always go with west jet… they really go above and beyond.

here’s ashley’s thank you note that we sent with some chocolates to lori:


i really had the best time ever with ashley, and i’m so sad she’s gone… my apartment feels so quiet (and truth be told, more than a little lonely) without her.

here are a few of the highlights of her visit:

ashley loves dim sum! (and hates sushi)


we checked out the vancouver zoo, and saw all kinds of animals (many of which we didn’t expect to see, considering it’s winter…) but it was fun for ashley, because she’s never seen most of these animals before.

blogzoo.jpg blogzoo2.jpgblogzoo3.jpgblogzoo4.jpg

my little sister ashley is here visiting right now from ontario. with her being the first of my family members to visit vancouver at this point, it’s fun to have someone from my “past” take part in my “present.”

here’s ashley post-royal-treatment-at-the-hair-salon: