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in my life, i have seen both of my parents save another person’s life. and i’ve always accepted this as just being a normal thing, but last night, i occurred to me how spectacular that is! and so, i wanted to share it…

when i was probably 5 or so, we were at someone’s house, at their pool. a boy started to drown, and while everyone was paralyzed, i can vividly recall my dad jumping up from the lawn chair he was lying on, and diving into the water to rescue him. and another time, when i was around the same age, i was in sears with my mom and baby sister, and a woman had a heart attack. someone called out if anyone knew cpr, and my mom told me to hold my sister’s hand, and she went and did her superhero thing. and then, we went to a restaurant and my mom had a diet coke.

just some random info about my life. :o)


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