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ok, so sorry to have not kept everyone in the loop this week, it’s been insane, i’ve had something big to do every single day. also, the paper i work for, “the source,” came out on wednesday, so i was kept busy all weekend doing that which i do. today should be a nice, relaxing day… having lunch with a new photographer friend in the afternoon, and i’m really looking forward to it, since both she and the food will be amazing!

this past week, despite how hectic it’s been, i’ve met some amazing people. i don’t know what it is, but a whole bunch of great things are happening all at once. i met a girl, julie, who was wonderful and helped me to relax and listened to how much i love photography and shared with me her interest in anthropology, which i have always been fascinated by. i met a group of people just as keen on improving their business and life as i am, and was inspired by them. robyn and leslie gave me a hand with two things i couldn’t have done on my own. linda gave me hope. gabrielle understood me. and it was in the smallest way… she probably wouldn’t even remember what it was she said, but it was one of those moments where i just felt like someone finally “got” me, like she knew everything i feel. and it was so unexpected a feeling, i wanted to cry, i loved her so much at that moment. even someone who made me furious taught me how important it is to stand up for what you believe in, to defend those who can’t defend themself, to do whatever you can to help someone when you can. even though i hated him for his ignorance, i learned that i must respect one’s choice to be ignorant. i mean, i shouldn’t be so narrow-minded to think that everyone has to be open-minded, haha.

this week has been full of drama, but at the same time, it’s been one of the greatest weeks. i remember, when i was a kid, i read this quote that said that if you want something badly enough, the whole world will conspire to help you get it. i don’t know why that’s stood out for me so much, but maybe it’s because deep down, i’ve always felt i would do something great. and this career, this life i’ve chosen… is it. and it’s all coming together.


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