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it feels like just last week that my friend allissia and i were welcoming 2000, sitting on my inflatable pink sofa, reading seventeen magazine, while i had a secret sinking feeling — “what if i’m wrong, what if y2k *is* real?” and was half anticipating all the power would go out, and the world would basically self-destruct.


2007 was a big year for me. i went to whistler. i had my first taste of sake. i moved into the most fantastic apartment ever. but most importantly, i got my first dslr, and i realized that i want to spend all my time taking photos, and sharing in monumental life experiences with my clients.

some goals for 2008…

1. there are at least two photographers that i hope to assist this year. one here in vancouver, one in texas.

2. eat at lumiere again. i think once per year would be great.

3. prepare for, and then get a dog. maybe a westie.

4. get my site up and running (well, that’s my january goal).

5. attend a professional workshop (and make a mini vacation of it!… hawaii would be nice).

6. eat more organic food (particularly produce), less conventional.

7. read more.

8. learn some basics in farsi or spanish.

9. start composting at the day job.

10. write in my day planner every day. for everything. be organized!


i think 2008’s gonna be amazing. i really do.



  1. We read your blog. We think those are good goals. –Kristy and Ashley. This year is 2008. (That was a lie)

  2. Cool and congrats, you got a blog! And a good one at that (wordpress)!

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