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Monthly Archives: January 2008

in my life, i have seen both of my parents save another person’s life. and i’ve always accepted this as just being a normal thing, but last night, i occurred to me how spectacular that is! and so, i wanted to share it…

when i was probably 5 or so, we were at someone’s house, at their pool. a boy started to drown, and while everyone was paralyzed, i can vividly recall my dad jumping up from the lawn chair he was lying on, and diving into the water to rescue him. and another time, when i was around the same age, i was in sears with my mom and baby sister, and a woman had a heart attack. someone called out if anyone knew cpr, and my mom told me to hold my sister’s hand, and she went and did her superhero thing. and then, we went to a restaurant and my mom had a diet coke.

just some random info about my life. :o)


today, i photographed two amazing photographers, leslie and mark, in stanley park. oh my gosh, they were soooo nice! i seriously want to be friends with them! anyone that shares my love for the aquarium rocks. that’s truly all i can say about today.




today, i got together with amber, and photographed the most fantastic and adorable couple ever! misty and shawn have been together since the dawn of time, and it really showed, in how natural and comfortable they were with each other. despite the weather forecast, i was happy to see that the rain stopped just as we were about to start shooting… but honestly, the two of them were so easy-going, i know it would’ve still been fantastic, even if it had been pouring.






ok, so sorry to have not kept everyone in the loop this week, it’s been insane, i’ve had something big to do every single day. also, the paper i work for, “the source,” came out on wednesday, so i was kept busy all weekend doing that which i do. today should be a nice, relaxing day… having lunch with a new photographer friend in the afternoon, and i’m really looking forward to it, since both she and the food will be amazing!

this past week, despite how hectic it’s been, i’ve met some amazing people. i don’t know what it is, but a whole bunch of great things are happening all at once. i met a girl, julie, who was wonderful and helped me to relax and listened to how much i love photography and shared with me her interest in anthropology, which i have always been fascinated by. i met a group of people just as keen on improving their business and life as i am, and was inspired by them. robyn and leslie gave me a hand with two things i couldn’t have done on my own. linda gave me hope. gabrielle understood me. and it was in the smallest way… she probably wouldn’t even remember what it was she said, but it was one of those moments where i just felt like someone finally “got” me, like she knew everything i feel. and it was so unexpected a feeling, i wanted to cry, i loved her so much at that moment. even someone who made me furious taught me how important it is to stand up for what you believe in, to defend those who can’t defend themself, to do whatever you can to help someone when you can. even though i hated him for his ignorance, i learned that i must respect one’s choice to be ignorant. i mean, i shouldn’t be so narrow-minded to think that everyone has to be open-minded, haha.

this week has been full of drama, but at the same time, it’s been one of the greatest weeks. i remember, when i was a kid, i read this quote that said that if you want something badly enough, the whole world will conspire to help you get it. i don’t know why that’s stood out for me so much, but maybe it’s because deep down, i’ve always felt i would do something great. and this career, this life i’ve chosen… is it. and it’s all coming together.

i recently had the pleasure of photographing the band ditch lilies… a great group of talented guys, who were pretty darn easy-going, especially considering how nervous they were about getting their photos taken! afterwards, we even went out for a great lunch and a couple drinks, and it really made for a wonderful day. thanks, guys, for being such good sports!



pretty much my favourite thing to do on a sunday is go out for brunch. and it’s actually one of the things that always reminds me of why i love living in vancouver so much, specifically downtown, even more specifically, gastown. there are so many fantastic places within just a few blocks with delicious, organic breakfasts, for pretty good prices. so, my point is, if you’re here in vancouver, today (there’s still time), i suggest checking out the alibi room, on alexander st.

and now, i must go. for brunch.


(photo of French Toast: Wild strawberries, brie and real maple syrup sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. $9… the alibi room.)

it feels like just last week that my friend allissia and i were welcoming 2000, sitting on my inflatable pink sofa, reading seventeen magazine, while i had a secret sinking feeling — “what if i’m wrong, what if y2k *is* real?” and was half anticipating all the power would go out, and the world would basically self-destruct.


2007 was a big year for me. i went to whistler. i had my first taste of sake. i moved into the most fantastic apartment ever. but most importantly, i got my first dslr, and i realized that i want to spend all my time taking photos, and sharing in monumental life experiences with my clients.

some goals for 2008…

1. there are at least two photographers that i hope to assist this year. one here in vancouver, one in texas.

2. eat at lumiere again. i think once per year would be great.

3. prepare for, and then get a dog. maybe a westie.

4. get my site up and running (well, that’s my january goal).

5. attend a professional workshop (and make a mini vacation of it!… hawaii would be nice).

6. eat more organic food (particularly produce), less conventional.

7. read more.

8. learn some basics in farsi or spanish.

9. start composting at the day job.

10. write in my day planner every day. for everything. be organized!


i think 2008’s gonna be amazing. i really do.